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2015 Lesher Dollar $100 Token, Octagon, Silver, IMPRINTED TO ORDER, with serial number, PLEASE ALLOW 3-4 WEEKS FOR PRODUCTION

Item Number: LD_2015_Ag_ip

Silver advocate Joseph Lesher produced $1 and $1.25 silver tokens in 1900 and 1901 in Victor Colorado. Many were imprinted for various merchants who would accept them in exchange for merchandise. The imprints typically stated the merchant's business name and location (city, state). They circulated in Colorado and some surrounding states. Today they are sought-after rarities. This modern Lesher $100 token is a high-quality and faithful tribute to the originals. See other product listing to order these without any imprints already applied.

Order one of this product for each different imprint desired, and in the "Customer Notes" section, specify the exact desired text for the imprint and the quantity of tokens with that imprint. Two lines of text are available per imprint, with a MAXIMUM of 16 CHARACTERS PER LINE, CAPITOL LETTERS ONLY, plus SPACES, NUMBERS, PERIODS ("."), COMMAS (","), DASHES ("-"), and AMPERSANDS ("&"). Specifying too many characters may result in abbreviations. Then order any additional quantity of the lower-cost unimprinted version, and those will be given the same imprint as specified for this one. In other words, the first token with imprint is $80, and then any number of tokens after that with the same imprint are $55 each. Each token in the run will also be imprinted with a serial number ("001", "002", etc). Serial numbers start at "001" for EACH different imprint ordered. So there will be multiple tokens with the serial number "001", but they will all have a different imprint. SEE THE PRODUCT PICTURES FOR AN IMPRINT EXAMPLE ("ABCDEFGHIJKLM$$$" / "NOPQRSTUVWXYZ$$$" shown). We reserve the right to refuse any imprint which is deemed inappropriate or already in use. By placing an order, the purchaser affirms that their requested imprint does not violate any copyrights.

Relief: High.
Size: 35mm Octagon.
Composition: 999 Silver.
Weight: ~27 grams.
Edge: Smooth.
Finish: Satin
Final Mintage: See Home page.

Each token is housed in a non-PVC flip holder. NOTE: No paper certificates are issued with these.


An order is placed at containing the following:

[2] Lesher $100 tokens with imprint and serial number ($80 each).
[9] Lesher $100 tokens with no imprint or serial number ($55 each).
[1] Shipping and handling ($10 - automatically added to each order - flat rate regardless of the number or quantity of items ordered).

In the "Customer Notes" section, the buyer indicates that they want tokens imprinted with two different imprints as follows (two lines of text per imprint):


DEC 31 2015

Also in the "Customer Notes", the buyer indicates that they want [4] of the "ABC INC" imprint and [3] of the "MARY AND MARK" imprint.
The four "ABC INC" tokens will be marked with serial numbers "001", "002", "003", and "004".
The three "MARY AND MARK" tokens will be marked with serial numbers "001", "002", and "003".
Since the combined order was for a total of 11 tokens, and the order specified 7 to be imprinted, the buyer will also receive 4 tokens without imprint and without serial numbers (these can be marked by the buyer themselves, if desired).

Product Reviews

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Excellent Coin!
James Hiland (Bentonville, AR) 4/10/2015 10:54 AM
Very good imprint. Excellent overall stamping. This coin meets the high standards expected of a "Carr" product.