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MMXXII (2022) Winged Saint-Gaudens Ultra High Relief, 30mm, 9995+ Gold 1 troy oz.

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Item Number: ASG_MMXXII_G1
NOTE: This product is struck over Canada Maple Leaf gold coins.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens' original sketch for his iconic Double Eagle design featured a Winged Liberty figure holding a shield. Using as much of the sculpture as possible from an actual coin, the relief was increased and wings, shield, and stars were added by Daniel Carr. This concept shows what the original version might have looked like if carried to fruition.

Size: 30mm
Composition: 9995+ Gold
Weight: 1 troy oz
Edge: Smooth
Finish: Satin
Final Mintage: See Home page.

Product Reviews

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The Depth of Strike and Detail!
sidney shelton (washington, DC) 3/30/2022 7:18 PM
I find that this coin in "Proof Like" finish, along with the depth of relief and detail has a better presentation than the US Mint "Ultra High Relief Double Eagle". While I was unsure about the 30mm size, I am thoroughly impressed with this Winged Saint-Gaudens Ultra High Relief coim. Excellent Work!