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"MCMVI" (1906) Saint-Gaudens Winged Liberty, Brass "DOUBLE EAGLE" Concept

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Item Number: ASG_MCMVI_bs

Reverse with "DOUBLE EAGLE" in place of "TWENTY DOLLARS".

Edge marked "BRASS".

Augustus Saint-Gaudens' original sketch for his iconic Double Eagle design featured a Winged Liberty figure holding a shield. Using as much of the sculpture as possible from an actual coin, the relief was increased and wings and shield were added by Daniel Carr. This concept shows what the original version might have looked like if carried to fruition.

Size: 34.0mm.
Composition: Brass.
Weight: About 19 to 20 grams.
Edge: Smooth (with imprinted lettering).
Finish: Satin.
Final Mintage: See Home page.

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