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1911 E.K. Elder Native Peace Medal re-strike, Brass Matte, Smooth Edge, only 2 available

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In 2013 a pair of vintage dies were used to make restrikes of the Osage Chief Wah-She-Ha peace medal. The dies were originally produced for Edward Knox Elder (Oklahoma native trader and brother of noted New York coin dealer Thomas Elder).

The two vintage dies used:

1911 E.K. Elder Native Peace Medal obverse, engraved circa 1911 by Charles Hanson;
1911 E.K. Elder Native Peace Medal reverse, engraved circa 1911 by Charles Hanson.

All of the 2013 re-strikes exhibit significant die rust pitting on the obverse. About half have a die crack through the date on the reverse. Most of the reeded-edge brass pieces were made last. As those were being struck, the reverse die began to crack more and small pieces of the die eventually fell off. The final die state shows field-displacement cracks on the lower right reverse, and a large cud die break on the reverse along the rim from about 1:00 to 4:00.

All have medal-turn orientation.

All production has been completed. The original dies, along with some re-strikes, were donated to the Osage tribe.

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