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Morgan Dollar vintage "X"-cancelled dies restrike, "1884-CC", off-center over-strike on 1884 Morgan $, worn host coin

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Item Number: Morg_X_1884-CC_worn

Obverse: "1884" Morgan Dollar obverse die (1884 vintage, engraved and cancelled by US Mint).
Reverse: "CC"-mint (Carson City) Morgan Dollar reverse die (1879-1893 vintage, engraved and cancelled by US Mint).

Over-struck on 1884 Morgan silver dollar. The over-strike is off-center so that the original date ("1884") of host coin still shows, although faintly due to previous wear. Only 28 produced.

In October 2021 three vintage Morgan Dollar dies, along with a vintage medal die and a newly-engraved die, were utilized at Moonlight Mint to produce several varieties of re-strikes.

The five dies used:

Morgan Dollar 1884 obverse (vintage, “X”-cancelled);
Morgan Dollar CC reverse (vintage, “X”-cancelled);
Morgan Dollar S reverse (vintage, “X”-cancelled);
Ohio veterans medal showing Mexico landscape (vintage, not cancelled);
Morgan Centennial obverse (new, not cancelled).

The “1884” and “CC” dies are a matched pair – both have number “37” stamped on the shanks.

The new Morgan obverse die includes fine print stating:

All three vintage dies were used as-is, without any polishing, bead-blasting, or heat-treatment. During the process of striking, all three vintage dies had issues with enlargement of the die face diameter and some warping of the die face, due to insufficient and/or improper heat-treating (hardening) by the US Mint. Initially, the dies would fit in a 38mm collar. But after making some initial strikes, the dies no longer had sufficient clearance to work with a 38mm collar. So the collar was switched from 38mm to a 39mm diameter for the remainder of the production (except for the 2-troy-oz 999 silver strikes which were all struck using a 50mm collar). In addition to the enlargement of the die face diameter, the “S”-mint reverse die developed a few new die cracks in the vicinity of both wing tips. Other than these issues, all three vintage Morgan Dollar dies survived the 150 tons of striking force that they were subjected to and delivered.

Note that these are not the same as the similar items that were previously produced at the Nevada State Museum (in the old Carson City Mint building). Those utilized a different “1884” obverse die (with the “X” cancel in a different location), along with a “CC” reverse die that can be identified as being from 1878 (due to the parallel top arrow feather). The Moonlight Mint strikes utilized an “S” (San Francisco) reverse die and a “CC” reverse die identified as being from 1879-1893 (due to the slanted top arrow feather).

Several types exist in small quantities with significant laterally-shifted over-strikes.
All specimens have a brilliant finish except when antiqued as indicated below.
All strikes have coin-flip orientation unless otherwise noted as “medal-turn” below.
All specimens show some amount of edge reeding (sometimes faint) except as indicated “smooth edge” below.

NOTE: Not legal tender. These are NOT endorsed by the US Treasury. Defacing of US coins is legal so long as the defacement isn't for fraudulent purposes.

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