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2012 "Titanic Ponzi Finance" Hard Times Token, 50mm Pewter, 15 Minted

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Item Number: HT_2012_TT1
Obverse: Aft view of Titanic with propellers out of water (marked "Euro" and "Amero"). Repeating pattern of Morse Code "SOS" around rim.
Reverse: Euro and Amero currencies sinking. Dotted line marks the actual course of the ill-fated voyage.

Lead-free pewter, smooth edge, large 50mm diameter. Final mintage of 15.

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Independent contractor
Richard Hagen (San jose, CA) 10/17/2012 2:29 PM
Photos do not capture the intimate detail of the deck in contrast to the massive feel of the bulkhead. I just received it today and am very pleased (and somewhat lucky getting one)!