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2013 Indian Head Nickel Centennial, One Troy Oz 999 SILVER round, "FIVE CENTS" symbolic face value, $500 minimum, SEE DESCRIPTION

Item Number: SB_2013_IH_R
Smooth edge. "Five Cents" symbolic face value (not legal tender).
Central design is an exact-size replication of the 1913 Indian-Head/Bison nickel design by James Earle Fraser.
Individually handled to avoid contact marks. Housed in a clamshell tube which prevents all coin-to-coin contact.
Mintage will be limted to the quantity ordered during the last four months of 2013.

To order coins, send a check in the amount of $500 or more (payable) to:

Clark Gruber & Co.
P.O. Box 7486
Loveland, CO

The final price per coin is calculated by the New York closing silver "ask" price on the day that the check is deposited, plus $3.75. USPS Registered Mail shipping is $25 per order (USA) or $60 (international), regardless of the number of coins ordered. The number of coins shipped will be determined by the amount of the check, less shipping cost, divided by the price per coin. Any leftover amount not allocated to shipping and coins will be refunded as a check or cash shipped with order.

EXAMPLE: An order is paid via a $500 check, with shipping within the USA. On the day the check is deposited, the NY closing "ask" silver price is $22.50 per troy oz. The number of coins shipped will be ($500 - $25) / ($22.50 + $3.75) = 18 coins (with a remaining amount of $2.50 that will be refunded via check or cash shipped with order).

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for shipment. ORDERS MUST BE POSTMARKED ON OR BEFORE 07 JANUARY 2014.

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1913-D beauty
Roy Ferrari (New Hope, PA) 3/4/2021 12:48 PM
Great presentation to commemorate the first buff. Thanks Dan