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Klepto Currency (0 NFT) Hard Times token, copper

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In late 2022 there was a spectacular collapse of crypto-currency trading firms FTX and Alameda Research. Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) (“Scam Bank-Man Fraud”) was arrested for absconding with customers’ funds that were deposited with FTX and using them to prop up Alameda Research. An alteration of the FTX logo turns it into a failing grade “F-“ (on the shirt). Who would have guessed that a company with a logo that resembles “F-“ would fail ?

Prior to the collapse and prior to the elections of 2022, SBF donated tens of millions of dollars to Democratic Party candidates and Democratic action committees (“Pin the Fail on the Donkey”). Note the donkey tails pinned to the donkey and SBF (Oh My A$$ ets !”), and the donkey saddle bag filled with cash.

Some people view crypto-currencies and NFTs as a “greater fool” investment, similar to the Dutch tulip mania (bubble) of 1634-1637. The only reason to buy the “asset” is to sell it for more to a greater fool. Thus the reference to the song “[tip-toe] crypto through the tulips”. SBF and cohort Nishad Singh (“Singh it”) reportedly received huge backdoor loans from Alameda Research.

Crypto-currencies are based on block-chain technology (as in dragging a block and chain through the tulips).

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are perplexing as to why (or if) they have any actual value. So what is the value of something denominated as “0 NFT” ?

Many people seem to have lost themselves (and their money) in “cyberspace”. Pyramid schemes always fail. Only those at the top (“Creator” and “Early Adopter”), and some that are “Along for the Ride”, avoid total loss. “Good for one Ride on a Pyramid” is a trip not to take – you might end up under it (those at the bottom suffer the burden). The flying monkey represents a typical distraction technique or sales pitch. The flying pig indicates that these sorts of things will work only “when pigs fly”. If you read between the lines, what they are actually saying is: “You can’t lose if you don’t play”.

The washing machine with a dollar bill inside it is a reference to a useful aspect of crypto currency – money laundering and illicit activity. The small triangle is indicative of roadside Falling Rocks warning signs and also, in this case, a pyramid spilling guts and collapsing from the inside out. It is also similar in some aspects to the Alameda Research logo. Who would have guessed that a company with a logo that resembles a leaky pyramid (scheme) would fail ?

The scalloped rims resemble an official seal, such as that seen on paper currency.
Designer’s initials (“DC” for Daniel Carr) appear on both sides.

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