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1715 Fleet 300th Anniversary individual Silver Cob, Color-Toned Finish, second 2015 issue, DIE PAIR "I" ONLY

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Item Number: COB_1715_X2

1715 Fleet 300th Anniversary commemorative cobs, color-toned finish. In the CUSTOMER NOTES section of the order, please indicate which die pair(s) "G,H,I,J", and the quantity of each. See other product listing for a complete set of four. Second 2015 issue, all with ship & hurricane symbol obverse.

Struck on hand-poured 999 silver cobs which contain trace amounts of Atocha and 1715 Fleet recovery silver. Approximately 28 grams each. Shapes and surface finishes vary.

Housed in non-PVC "flip" holders with Moonlight Mint certificates.

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