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"1931-S" Peace Silver Dollar High-Relief over-strike, High Grade

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Item Number: mm_0100_1931s_A
Brilliant high-grade finish.

No US silver dollars were minted from 1929 to 1933. This “1931-S” fantasy date over-strike has a high relief obverse like the 1921 Peace issue, and a high relief reverse based on the original “Broken Sword” model. The original design for the Peace Dollar had the Eagle clutching a broken sword on the reverse. Just before the original 1921 Peace Dollars were minted, the sword was removed from the tooling by modifying the sculpt and the engraving. In a similar process, the reverse of this “1931-S” over-strike is based on the original Broken Sword model, but the sword has been removed via sculpting and engraving.

All have a tiny die chip (raised mole) on the obverse near the mouth. Some faint circular lathe marks show on the obverse and reverse near the rims. The letters “LUR” of PLURIBUS are thin due to excessive lapping of the die. The excess lapping also caused some sun rays below DOLLAR to fade out in places.

NOTE: Defacing of US coins is legal so long as the defacement isn't for fraudulent purposes.

By purchasing one or more of these, the buyer agrees to provide full disclosure of their origin when reselling them. Failure to provide potential buyers with complete and accurate information when offering these could result in criminal and/or civil fraud charges. In other words, don't try to sell to unaware buyers as original coins of this date.

Since these are over-struck on existing coins, there may be faint evidence of the original coin design showing since the over-strike is usually not perfectly aligned with the original strike.

Do not attempt to use these as legal tender. This product is NOT endorsed or approved by the US Mint, US Treasury, or US Government.

Product Reviews

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a beautiful coin
T Conlan (Princeton, NJ) 9/24/2019 7:36 PM
A wonderful beautiful coin. Many thanks. These overstrikes are more beautiful than the originals.
Intriguing creations!
Patrick Fritz (Colorado Springs, CO) 9/4/2019 5:39 PM
These coins are created by a true artisan. The fantasy dates capture the imagination and are sought after vigorously as such. I am fortunate to have several Dan Carr creations in my collection. I like to follow and anticipate the next coin(s). Thanks