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"1793" Flowing Hair over-strike, on USA Silver Eagle Dollar

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Item Number: mm_bust_100_1793_pl_os1
Proof-like high-grade finish. Over-struck on US Silver Eagle Dollar (circa 1986-2023).

Flowing Hair Dollars were originally minted in 1794 and 1795. None were ever minted with a “1793” date.

The lower reverse shows the text: "STRUCK ON A USA SILVER EAGLE DOLLAR".

NOTE: Defacing of US coins is legal so long as the defacement isn't for fraudulent purposes.
By purchasing one or more of these, the buyer agrees to provide full disclosure of their origin when reselling them.

Since these are over-struck on existing coins, there will be evidence of the original coin design showing since the over-strike is usually not perfectly aligned with the original strike.

Do not attempt to use these as legal tender. This product is NOT endorsed or approved by the US Mint, US Treasury, or US Government.

Product Reviews

(9 Ratings, 4 Reviews) Average Rating:
Beautiful proof Finish
Mary Padilla (Albuquerque, NM) 1/25/2024 7:32 AM
One of my first purchases from the moonlight mint, I've been buying your coins Ebay. Big fan Of the proof like finish!
1793 - Must Have!
Jordan Graveline (Port Colborne, ON) 1/22/2024 9:04 AM
You'll never be able to find a 1794 or 1795 in Mint State condition. They don't really exist and if they did, you'll never be able to afford it. This 1793 Flowing Hair over-strike is a fine tribute to the 1794 & 1795 Dollars of the past. I am extremely pleased with the proof-like finish and the strike quality. The edging from the host coin (Silver Eagle) only shows faintly. If it showed full detail in the reeding, that would be perfection. This is my only criticism. Aside from that, this is a great coin to add to your collection. Thanks Dan!
Nice but not my favorite
Scott Trebatoski (Tampa, FL) 1/19/2024 3:41 PM
Well struck. Not my favorite of Dan's coins. Seems a little cartoonish with flat coin details. May not be my favorite but it was well executed and a sparkling prooflike finish.
Very nice
Robert Alley (Wheaton, IL) 1/11/2024 9:46 AM
Proof quality, or at least proof-like. Has a plain edge (no lettering), making me think of the Flowing Hair silver medals the Mint has on tap for this year.