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"1891" Columbian Half, fantasy issue, Skull & Cross, ONLY 93 MINTED

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Some evidence of the underlying host coin design will show somewhere, since the design on one side is completely changed by the over-strike.

Columbian Half Dollars were originally minted in 1892 and 1893 for the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. They circulated widely as legal tender. None were ever minted with an “1891” date. All depicted the sailing ship and globes on one side and the head of Columbus on the other. The “1891” fantasy version is struck over genuine silver Columbian half dollars of 1892 and 1893. The sailing ship design is retained (with some changes to the text), while the head of Columbus is over-struck as either of these two types:
A Spanish Crest (representing the European view of Columbus’ expedition);
A skull and cross-bones (representing the darker side of the result of Columbus’ expedition).

Do not attempt to use these as legal tender. This product is NOT endorsed or approved by the US Mint, US Treasury, or US Government.

Product Reviews

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Love Dan’s sarcastic twist on New World view
Scot Collins (Long Beach, CA) 11/25/2023 4:27 PM
Purchased both coins, love the set, great designs, super quality craftsmanship.
Absolutely incredible
Jay C (Lake Charles, LA) 11/18/2023 3:20 PM
Received mine today and it's stunning. Beautifully executed, and truly proof-like. Very happy that I added this to my collection. Thank you, Mr. Carr!