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"2009-s VDB" Lincoln Wheat fantasy issue, Bronze, Bulk-Handled

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Housed in non-PVC "flip" holder, with certificate indicating "Bulk-Handled" Finish.

Over-struck on bronze Lincoln Wheat cents of 1909-1958. No original Lincoln Cents of 2009 were ever minted with Wheat or Memorial reverses. Instead, those coins all had Lincoln Birth Bicentennial designs. A 2009-S VDB cent with Wheat reverse is something that the US Mint perhaps could have produced in 2009 for the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Cent, but they did not.

Now available is this modern over-strike, the most exacting and faithful rendition available. Holding one in hand gives the viewer a true sense of what it would be like to own an original (had any actually been produced). And since these are over-struck on genuine coins, they have the correct weight (no metal is added or removed), correct metallic content, and correct diameter and edge type. All the over-strikes are privately and painstakingly performed using a surplus Denver Mint coin press.

NOTE: Defacing of US coins is legal so long as the defacement isn't for fraudulent purposes.

By purchasing one or more of these, the buyer agrees to provide full disclosure of their origin when reselling them. Failure to provide potential buyers with complete and accurate information when offering these could result in criminal and/or civil fraud charges. In other words, don't try to sell to unaware buyers as original coins of this date.

Since these are over-struck on existing coins, there may be faint evidence of the original coin design showing since the over-strike is usually not perfectly aligned with the original strike.

Do not attempt to use these as legal tender. This product is NOT endorsed or approved by the US Mint, US Treasury, or US Government.

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