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Graebener Coin Press Feeding Finger, 10th anniversary of operation by Moonlight Mint

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2018 is the 10th anniversary of Moonlight Mint's operation of the US Denver Mint surplus coin press. Approximately 210 of these stainless steel feeding fingers were originally obtained as ancillary parts with the coin press, and they were actually used previously in the Denver Mint.

To commemorate the event, the feeding fingers (which were not being utilized) were struck with commemorative dies by the Graebener coin press. Approximately 200 were struck and no more are available.

Denominations include cents through large dollars. There are several variations of each. Surface finishes also vary from bright (brushed) to darker matte (anodized). Other than grease and oil removal, the original finishes were left as-is.

The types, quantities, and other details are documented here: Moonlight Mint / Graebener Feeding Fingers - Production Figures

Individual feeding fingers will be selected completely at random when filling orders. However, if more than one feeding finger is purchased on and order, random selections will be repeated until that order is filled with different feeding finger types.

The product image shows two different feeding fingers - a 10-cent (Dime) type B (obverse) and a 1-dollar type F3 (reverse).

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