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Set of 18 wearable medals, only two sets being sold

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These were originally produced for Denver Comic-Con 2017.

Six different design types. Produced in three metals: Brass; Copper; Silver.
18 different medals constitute a complete set.
Only three to six of each of the 18 varieties were made.
Only two sets are available here.

Some medals may have slight discoloration or may tarnish in the future.
Non-abrasive cleaning using methods similar to that used for coins will restore the bright original finish.
The ribbons are waterproof nylon (ribbon style and color varies).

Brass medals have brass rectangle and brass round with brass and/or copper hardware.
Copper medals have copper rectangle and copper round with copper and/or brass hardware.
Silver medals have 999 silver rectangle and 999 silver round with solid 925 (sterling) silver hardware (except plated uppermost hanger pin).

The back sides of upper rectangle and lower round medal are mostly blank, allowing for personalized engraving (see last picture).

As shown in first picture:

Top row: Brass.
Middle row: Copper.
Bottom row: Silver.

Columns (from left to right):

“DEFIANT” (Bolt thrower);
“WITNESS” (Eclipse / Eye);
“PIRATE” (Capped Skull);
“NIGHT OWL” (Owl / Moon);
“ELECTRIC” (Charged Fairy);
“DEMIGOD” (Bolt Thrower).

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