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"1792" Chain Token, Copper with Silver Center, Circulated

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Chain cents were originally minted with "1793" dates only. All were solid copper. Prototype one-cent coins with a silver plug in the center were minted in 1792. Those 1792 silver-center cents had a different design than the iconic Flowing Hair Chain cents.

This "1792" silver-center Chain fantasy token combines the 1792 date and basic 1792 silver-center cent composition with the 1793 Chan Cent design. In place of the "ONE CENT" text on the reverse, this token has "WE ARE ONE" (with "ONE" enlarged) and "MIND YOUR BUSINESS", both taken from the early Fugio Cent of 1787.

Struck in collar on virgin 28mm copper blanks that have a 0.6-gram 999 silver plug in the center.

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