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2006-D Denver Mint 100th Anniversary $20 token, brass prooflike

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The US Treasury Denver Mint facility first began producing coins in 1906.   Since the US Mint did not issue any commemorative coins or medals for the Denver Mint's 100th Anniversary, Daniel Carr (a Denver native who was born not far from the Mint facility) designed and issued this medal to commemorate the centennial.

The obverse shows an architectural detail (window and tympanum) from the exterior of the original part of the building's facade, along with a symbolic "D" mint mark.

The reverse shows a treasury shield with balance scales (symbolizing the Denver Mint's assay history), 38 stars (Colorado is the 38th state), and a cameo of a Liberty Head $20 gold coin (which was produced during the Mint's first year of operation in 1906).   The $20 symbolic face value is a tribute to that $20 gold coin.   This is a private issue token and is not government-issue legal tender.

Size: 39mm.
Composition: Brass.
Weight: 26.2 grams.
Edge: Reeded.
Finish: Proof-Like.
Final Mintage: 200.

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