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"1816" Capped Bust Silver Half Dollar fantasy issue, MS-64 Bulk-Handled, Only 144 minted

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Some evidence of the underlying host coin design will likely show somewhere. Many show evidence of multiple striking. Since these are broad-struck over existing coins, the original edge lettering will show, and the diameter varies (usually slightly larger). Die Pair 1 with "1816/5" overdate and "50 C." over "5C C." Housed in a non-PVC "flip" holder with hand-signed certificate. Mid-grade MS-64 "bulk-handled" quality.

Due to a fire in the rolling mill room at the US Philadelphia Mint in 1815, no silver or gold coins were struck in 1816.

Now available is this modern over-strike "1816" Capped Bust silver half dollar, the most exacting and faithful (and only) rendition ever produced. Holding this coin in hand gives the viewer a true sense of what it would be like to own an original 1816 Capped Bust silver half dollar, had they actually been released by the US Mint. All the over-strikes are privately and painstakingly performed using a surplus Denver Mint coin press.

This modern fantasy is LEGAL and is not required to carry a "COPY" stamp for the following reasons:

1) These are not copies of Capped Bust silver half dollars - they are privately over-struck on GENUINE government-issue Capped Bust silver half dollars (with lettered edge) that were originally minted from 1807-1836.
2) According to the US Treasury, no 1816 half dollars were ever released and none exist today - so this can't be a copy of one since they don't exist.
3) Defacing of US coins is legal so long as the defacement isn't for fraudulent purposes.

By purchasing one or more of these coins, the buyer agrees to provide full disclosure of their origin when reselling them. Failure to provide potential buyers with complete and accurate information when offering these coins could result in criminal and/or civil fraud charges. In other words, don't even think about trying to sell these to unaware buyers as original 1816 Capped Bust silver half dollars !

The pictures accurately show what the coins look like. No photo editing was performed. There may be subtle differences between coins. Since they are over-struck on existing coins, there may be evidence of the original coin design showing since the overstrike is usually not perfectly aligned with the original strike. Do not attempt to use these as legal tender. This product is NOT endorsed or approved by the US Mint, US Treasury, or US Government.

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